Looking for Publishers?

Hi, Readers!

This time, I want to touch upon how to find publishers. We’ll discuss more about different ways of publishing in later posts, but, please, see below for a brief overview.

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Where Can I Find Publishers?  

Reader, everyone is in agreement about this: there are endless publishing sources! While this is great news, that just means your search, and, consequently, your journey to being published, might be that much harder. Like any other product or service being sold, you need to find the right publisher for you.

You’ll be able to find publishers online especially when search engines like Google do all the work for you. However, I’ve compiled the following list of web pages to help make your search easier:

Make sure to search carefully because each person and their work is different. One publishing company might be a good fit for your peers while it might not be a good fit for you.

Think on It A Little . . .

There are many things you might want to take into consideration while searching for the right publisher. Below are some sample questions to ask yourself during your search.

  • Am I looking to publish traditionally or digitally?
  • How do I want to market my work?
  • Does the publisher cater to my target market?
  • Does the publisher cater to my personal mission and themes of my work?
  • Where do I want my work to be sold?
  • What is the advance?
  • How much will I earn in royalties?
  • If publishing traditionally . . .
      • How much control do I want to relinquish during the publishing process?
      • What will working with a team be like for my project?
      • How much prestige does this publishing company have?
  • If publishing digitally . . .
    • What should the cost for my work be for consumers?
    • Will I reach my target audience?
    • How will I self-advertise my work?

Additional sources for questions can be found below.

Share Your Thoughts!

Go forth, Reader! This is only the beginning. Was this helpful in getting your toes in the water, so to speak? Did you find yourself leaning towards traditional or digital publishing? Was there any publisher or process that stood out to you in particular?

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